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Monday, June 25, 2007

The lines just dont end!

Ed Burtynsky's amazing photo-series on China's manufacturing houses. Must see!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Big Phone, Small Phone

Still on the topic of the iPhone, there is no question that this phone is quite large, wide too. I for one wouldn't be too comfortable slipping it into my jeans' pocket.

While competing phones are getting razor thin, ala Razr, Slvr etc. With not enough time to go back to the drawing board, apple decides to use forced perspective and comes up with a innovative solution: While shooting ads, use a model with bigger hands!


side-by-side for your viewing convenience:

Story "borrowed" from l-rs

Saturday, June 23, 2007

No problem, I got an iPhone

getting tired of all the hype around the iPhone? Here's Conan's hillarious take on what the iPhone will be.

Sideburns! hahaha

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spaghetti Junction

Take the next right turn hun.


(dum dee dum dee dee dum...)

You just went past it! Do you have any idea what that means?

We take the next right turn?

No you Idiot, you spend the next two hours staring at this picture figuring out if there is even a way to go back. Men!


more travelly groovy curvy goodness here

Peas of Mind

A poor farmer grew peas and beans on his farm. At harvest time he gathers the peas and beans, but being poor, he has only one sack to take to the market. Not wanting to mix them, he pours the peas into the sack, ties it up and then pours the beans in.

In the market he meets a trader who wants to buy the peas. The trader has a sack too, in which he wants to carry away the peas but is not willing to trade his sack with the farmer's. Neither the farmer or the trader want to devalue the peas or the beans by pouring them out on the ground.

You chance along these individuals in the market, can you help the farmer make the sale?

(No you are not interested in purchasing the beans :p)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Get pwned on voice

Clive Thompson writes:

"Recently I logged into World of Warcraft and I wound up questing alongside a mage and two dwarf warriors. I was the lowest-level newbie in the group, and the mage was the de-facto leader. He coached me on the details of each new quest, took the point position in dangerous fights and suggested tactics. He seemed like your classic virtual-world group leader: Confident, bold and streetsmart.

But after a few hours he said he was getting tired of using text chat -- and asked me to switch over to Ventrilo, an app that lets gamers chat using microphones and voice. I downloaded Ventrilo, logged in, dialed him up and ...

... realized he was an 11-year-old boy..."


That test results meant nothing?

Al Feldzamen takes a mathematicians view of how multiple choice tests work. Especially difficult ones. Turns out the harder a multiple choice exam, the lesser the accuracy of the ranking made from just counting only the correct answers!

Some of the math on that page is wrong, as pointed out in the comments on the same page, nevertheless the main argument still holds. Hmm.. SATs, GRE, GMAT, Engineering entrance exams here, Bar exams in the US..

Negative marking for wrong answers improves the accuracy a bit, but here is a very interesting scheme reported by a slashdot reader that seems to solve the problem:

Two boxes next to the answer space ask the test taker how confident (s)he is of the answer, and the scoring scheme goes:

If you ticked "confident" and you were wrong, -2
If you ticked "confident and you were right, +2
If you ticked "unsure" and you were wrong, -0
If you ticked "unsure" and you were right, +1

mighty interesting, If I ever get around to teaching a class, I might inflict this on some poor souls out there :p

Monday, June 18, 2007


| Olympus C4000 | F/4 | 13 mm | 1 Sec | ISO100 | No Flash | Post Processing: Crop, Text |

No fair n lovely magic

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Smart Crash

The smart brand of cars, from the Mercedes stable, are going to be available in the US soon. They have been available in Europe for a while now, and have some sort of a cult following there.

The cars, especially the roadster and the roadster coupe look interesting. But the touted features.. 40 miles per gallon? thats just 17km to the liter of diesel, I reckon the Ford Fiesta diesel does about as good if not better. the price at 14000 Pounds is almost 11 lakhs INR, again twice as much as the Fiesta. The Fiesta is a mid sized sedan with four doors, the tiny smart fourtwo, has just two doors, no boot and hardly any crumple zones. For it's size, I would have expected a phenomenal mileage atleast! They are however known to have deceptively large cabin space though, as depicted in this rather interesting ad.

As for the expected 1-lakh Tata small car, I wish it atleast looks as good as the smart.

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Sivaji - The Boss" - Review

Sivaji - The Boss

At the outset, this was probably the most publicity any movie has received yet. What with NDTV telling this was the biggest movie ever, and economic times giving the analysis of profits and a comparison of all of Shankar's movies. Suffices to say that my expectations were really high. I approached for the tickets on the 13th expecting to be able to see the movie on Sunday only. Surprisingly, I go tickets for the coveted first-day-first-show; that too on the second row from the back. Yippeee!!! I woohoo-ed and danced a jig outside the ticket station. The general public rushed to call the asylum, fearing the worst.

On the day of the movie (today 4 hours before right now), the line outside the ticket stands was a mile-long. The theater was packed. Although the intro scene was more mellow than I expected, it had all of us out of our seats screaming and whistling. Apart from a few scenes, the audience was quiet and listened to every line of the movie.

The first half of the movie was a real drag, with comedy scenes being the only reprieve. The first half ends with a lot of expectation. And shankar delivers in the second half. So does Rajini. It is hard to believe that the guy is a grandfather. He dons his "thambikku entha ooru" look in the first half and the "baasha" look in the second half - well, at least most of the second half.

The worst thing in the movie is without a doubt, Shreya. She comes fully clothed in all the scenes and scantily clothed in the song sequences. She desperately tries to display some form of emotion in a couple of scenes, but falls on her face. The second worse thing would have to be the screenplay. They will have to know when to put in songs. Songs creeping up throughout the time in the movie results in the screenplay taking a severe beating and slows down the pace of the movie (the all important pace of any rajni movie) to a crawl.

All in all, the movie is definitely above average - much better than Baba, but nowhere near baasha, arunachalam, padayappa, etc. It has all the key elements - a villain, a cause, concerned parents, bumbling love interest and a comedian. As can be expected from a shankar movie, the songs and fight sequences were a bit over dramatic.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not coffee break, Car break!!!

So...what vehicle was it?

err...its a van carrying provisions, sir!

Van, huh?

Err...Ya, you could call it a van

What is it exactly?

It looked more like a van carrying provisions!!!

Was it a milk van???

Could have carried milk also. Possible!

Or is it a truck?

A truck???What is your idea of a truck?

A truck is anything that could possibly be a truck.

Am sorry sir, i dint get that!

Me neither. But thats not important. Was it a truck?

Sir i have the number of the vehicle.

I asked you if that was a truck!!!

I totally understand...but...

You understand and you follow it up with that response??? I need to make a note of this.

Sir sir sir...

Ya go on what else?

[Very earnestly]
Sir, could you please let me know What did you make a note of?

Oh that, i just took note of your negligent behaviour.

My negligence???Sir, i dint mean it that way.

If you werent, you would have answered my question. may be that is why this accident in the first place.

What is why?

Your negligence!!!

[slightly louder]
No way. Sir, i was indeed concentrating hard.

Hmm...ok.May be this also.

Also???What also?!?

Patience!!!Otherwise you wouldnt be shouting. You lost patience and so you ended up hitting that truck slash lorry slash van in front of you.

Sir please, it was his fault. The tempo braked all of a sudden in the middle of the road and i had to crash into his rear.


Ya the van!

so... not the truck?!?

Sir, is this really important now?

You dont tell me what is important. Im the sergeant here. And i dictate rules. Now tell me, What is the vehicle number?


the number!

TN Zero seven...


Ya Zero...









Three characters???

No. Not C. Zed.

Oh Zee, then?

[Deiiiiiiiiiiiii, sottai thala]

Three wat?

[Crying inside]
foooouuurrr tttwwwwoooo seven

Why dont you jus say 3427? Ok do you have a driving license?

[3427 is just four digits. This has some 16 numbers....:((((((((((((( ]

And the argument continues....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

You made my night!!!

What do i write, What do i write about. I need to make a post. Come on there has to be something that was funny. My life isnt all that boring. Or is it? Is it really that boring.

Hah...Whaddya think?
You should win this years award.

For what?

For leading the most Miserable life on earth. Mwahahaha

Now who are you?

Who can i be? Look at the clock. Read the hands. The smaller stands slightly past 2 and the only light i see is from your laptop. So u judge who i am.

Oh no. Not you. Of all the people on earth. Not you. Go away.

Dont worry dude. You've got more company. im here.

Can you save my skin?

I can save that too.

That too? What else can you save?

Im not supposed to say that and you wouldnt wanna hear that. Im the angel.

Watever! Now y are you guys here, bugging me!

Oh we thought we would help you finish this post up.

Oh ya? And how? Got ideas???

Oh listen to this, you could write about this guy who filed a lawsuit against novartis 'cause the beverage he drank gave him an erection that wont subside.

Im not writing that. This is not a weirdo.com site.

Ya im with you on that. That is so gross.

Or about this hospital that puts up Brad and George Clooney's posters on the ceiling.

Huh why would they do that?

Help women relax during gynaecological checks.

where do u get these ideas from?

From you people!!!

Erection, Gynaecology...is all you got???Gimme something decent!


thats right! D.E.C.E.N.T

Oh try this.

throw it!

Slightly older news that i read 5 months back. Is that ok?


That was the first time the Swedish Police station had ordered a batch of toilet paper in twenty years.

Wow!!!what else u've got, the guy who ate a tonne of potato and managed to never fart for a year????

Aaah!!! I never read that anywhere, but sounds interesting!

Now go away. You are not helping me. I ask you for one sensible thing that i can write about and you come up with all the possible weird things that can happen on earth. I dont want another thing from you. Go away.

Men dont appreciate quality stuff. No wonder they are mere mortals. Well then you've used up my stock, you might have to take only angel's help on this.

Oh then tell me what you want.

I want you guys to shut the fkcu up and leave me alone.

I think you are angry. You lose your temper so often so soon. May be you should get a counselling.

Dare me @#$%@#&&@&...Say another word and am gonna beeep beep beep beep...Im never gonna make a decent post with you guys around...so i better catch some sleep...thanks for making my night...

Monday, June 4, 2007


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

now before you think I've gone cuckoo, let me inform you that, That up there is a fully valid, completely meaningful English sentence; or so they tell me. Well I personally never had a chance to buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

More Pics

A couple of more pics from my Canon. The one below is of a fish of some kind. :P I'm no fish expert so ask me not what fish it is. The nice part is that the fish was moving quite fast when the picture was taken. This picture was also shot in an underwater world, where all the fish are swimming and the people walk in glass-walled tubes laid underwater. This pic was taken with no flash, 1/2500 shutter speed and F8.0 aperture. Cool huh?
The one below was shot in Sentosa in Singapore, during the laser/fountain show. The show was spectacular by the way. This was at the end of the show when there was a lot of waterwork and fireworks

New camera. Sample pic.

As some might already know, I was on a trip to some of the south-asian countries; Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to be exact. I also bought a Canon Powershot A630. Not a bad piece of equipment at all. A sample pic is below. Its a scenery of the mountains taken from a moving bus during the return trip from Genting highlands (hill station near Kuala Lumpur)

Guess incessant picture-uploading by Mayaavi and Rage did rub off on me too. :P