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Monday, August 27, 2007

Beautiful Drains

"Beautiful" is the last word that comes to mind when one mentions Sewers. Urban explorer Michael Cook's amazing work however has changed that perception for me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

EverWonder? #6

EverWonder™ what they mean when they say "New and Improved" ? How can it be New if it is improved?

Sunday, August 19, 2007


[At the Mall]
[Pointing at a shirt...]
Whaddya think?


Hmm...I cant decide anything that fast...Would you believe if I say im still undecided as to what kinds i need to wear there to office?

Im not surprised!!!

Ahhh...i know...

[picks up a bright yellow shirt with red stripes and pocket flaps in the arms]
Hey, see this.

Awwww...My eyes!!!


Well, may be its time we start looking for wat we actually came here for.


So how about this one?

Looks good. You should try them on. The fitting room is round the corner.

Yeah? You think so?

Ofcourse yea!

Then, maybe not!!!

Moron. Why do u ask me then?

Coz it tells me how horrible your taste is.

Yeah right! Stop your research right there...

[walking away...moving towards a manequin]
What would you say abt this?

what, the manequin? Primly dressed! But since when did you start ogling at male manequins?

Shuddup. I like what he wears and i want them.

You serious?

No kidding! Why? Can i not get those? Ofcourse I pay for it right?

May be we'll have to talk to one of those helpers.

[the helper walks in]
Sir, How may i help you?

Err...I like the shirt on the manequin. Do you have another set of the same?

Im sorry sir, thats the only piece we have in that shade.

Then, im gonna have to ask you for a favor. Can you remove that shirt from the manequin so i could try it on.

I'd be glad to, Sir.

What is it, some kinda gay parlor? You ask him to strip a guy and he says he'll be glad to...Gross

Shuddup. Its just a manequin.

But its still a guy.

Guess wat?


You are gonna be famous.

Really? As what?

The guy who paid a 1000 bucks to see a guy strip. [Laughing wildly]

Yeah yeah. And that would make you famous as well.

Like How?

The one who stood by that guy and had a free show. Lucky You!!!


[Walking out of the store...]
Hey, Im hungry.


Buh...No. No Pizza No Burgers No Subs. Im tired of them.


Yeah...May be some chinese would do.

[while waiting for the order]
So when did you last visit UU blog.

been a while. Why?

Theres someone new there...Eskimo.

Eskimo???Crazy name!

Well it fits them.They all have crazy names.


By the way, the markets!!!

No we are not talking about that.

Be a sport. Come on. What's your story? Bull or Bear?

I'd love to say Im atleast a bear. But in reality, im just simple plain jackass. Now how does that sound.

Terrible. Alright jackass, what do you want for dessert?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome Eskimo

I don't remember having looked up "Eskimo" on live search, but we do have an Eskimo in the house! Welcome aboard Eskimo, hope you help us mish and MASH some more :) Now how do you say Welcome in Inuktitut..

BTW I think it is time for some housekeeping and perhaps to give the boot to the non-contributors. Yes I'm looking at you Vivek and Wolverine :p

Droste effect

When I was younger, there used to be a breakfast talk show on Doordarshan. I don't remember what it was called, it has a man and a lady and in-between them on the set was a TV. I do recall being pretty excited about the concept of a TV within a TV. I wondered what would happen if the same program I was watching was on that TV too. There would be a TV within a TV within a TV within a TV within a TV..

Though I was too young at that point to understand Recursion or Fractals, when I recently came across the "Droste Effect" I was glad I wasn't alone in this madness :p

And there are others who've taken this much further

Just in case, at this point you are wondering how to make one yourself, a tutorial, and a gallery to boot.