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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kollywood, kuthu songs and Vedhika

Its funny how in Tamil cinema (Kollywood) male dancers have always dominated the screen.

The usual pattern is for the "hero" to have an intro song of sorts, which basically cater to him imparting advice to , youth, parents of beautiful girls, parents opposing love as a concept, etc. The intro song also features an item girl, who in most cases is more into swinging on-screen, what with her being obnoxiously buxom.

Almost every single movie also features this romance number, somewhere near the interval, knowing that a majority of the junta watching the movie in theaters are going to take a much needed nicotine break. The rest of the population watching on CDs will just fast-forward.

So, this in effect leaves out the "kuthu" song, which is becoming a part of virtually every single masala movie. This is probably the only time when the actor and the actress both have a chance to prove their dancing prowess. But, in all recent movies, the actor simply dances circles around the actresses. Indian cinema industry has produced some very good female dancers. But they seem to be nowhere when compared to skilled dancers like Vijay (yay!!!) and Simbu (the guy is a sorry excuse for an actor, but lets face it, he's a good dancer).

The recent movies of Vijay featured actresses like Trisha and Asin (both very skilled dancers). Even these actresses failed to eclipse Vijay's dancing, or even hold a candle to his steps. It usually ended up with Vijay actually dancing and the actress making a commendable effort to keep up with his movements.

Kaalai - the latest Simbu starrer, featured Vedhika, who is fresh new thing in Kollywood. It was quite to see an actress dominate the dancing scene in Tamil Cinema. That too in a kuthu song! The song :"Kutti Pissase". She actually makes Simbu look boring and bourgeoisie making you think "Is this the only kind of steps he can dance?". She seems to have a natural flair for dancing. Maybe a dancer turned into an actress, instead of the usual girl a pretty face trying her best to shake a leg? As aptly put by Maayavi, "Ava simbu-va muzhungita" (literally translated it means "She swallowed Simbu"). Not far from the truth. In kuthu songs, where major portions of the dance involves throwing self around and lots of hip gyrations, there is an elegance in the way she does the very same thing, but tastefully.

Cheers to Vedhika!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Should humans be fed?

This shot was taken off my Sony W810i while i was waiting for my bus at around 5:30pm in Seattle Downtown. The signboard was actually very interesting.

"Dont feed the Pigeons, they transmit disease." is all it said.

I was wondering if humans don't actually transmit diseases??? If that's the case should they be fed!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Performance Enhancements

***Ok let me put this first. This post has got nothing to do with "Performance Enhancements"***

Now that i've clarified that let's get into the details.

My Awesome Spam filter!!! Thats what I should say.

So here is what happened. I ask my team at offshore to compile a document on how they could enhance the sluggish performance of the SQL server on which our application ran and they dutifully compile one and send it for my review. I wait and wait and never get it and I go furious and call them up at midnight to verify if they actually sent it or was it a dummy that they were playing on me.[Sorry about that Team :D]. After a while, I go onto clean my outlook junk box and bingo!!! There it is, sitting pretty and smiling at me.

So why did this happen??? The mail was titled "Performance Enhancements"(if you know what i mean ;)) and my host exchange server had a policy that tagged mails like this spam.